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In Fortune Living, Colourbond® roof and wall claddings are included in our mush-have package.

We understand every house is as special as the people living in. That is why we’ve always prioritised excellent exterior, uncompromised quality and immense experience. The Colourbond® has it all under one roof with the variety of products being the cheery on the top.

Colourbond® Steel is the final destination for anyone looking for midas touch to their house. It has taken over 50 years for Colourbond® Steel to be exemplary Australian brand. It has a wide range of colours over 200 to choose from which are inspired by Australian landscape with the application of material that demands good looks and design. Their diversity of products includes but are not limited to roofing, garage door, sheds, patios and pergolas, fence, water tanks and fencing

For over fifty years COLORBOND® steel has been a popular choice for homeowners. Today it’s difficult to image an Australian city, town or rural property without seeing COLORBOND® steel somewhere. Since the first coil of COLORBOND® steel rolled off the paint line in 1966 in Port Kembla, NSW, a great deal has changed. As a result of being at the forefront of current and emerging building design demands and trends, the team at BlueScope have worked to make COLORBOND® steel stronger, lighter, smarter, cooler, more colourful, more durable and more sustainable that ever earning COLORBOND® steel the position as one of the world’s toughest most advanced building materials. For more information visit

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